I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Denver, Colorado. Visit mcgillustrations.com to view my portfolio–I’m always open to new and interesting projects and clients!

I’m also a writer, and my fiction, comics, and book reviews have appeared in numerous print and online publications. My novel-in-progress is represented by Jen Rofé at Andrea Brown Literary.

If you like any image on this site, please feel free to comment! I allow the sharing of my work on blogs and social media (but not in any way that suggests an endorsement of you or your use of the work) only if you attribute the work to mcgillustrations.com and provide a link. The watermark on all images must remain intact, and you may not crop, overprint, or alter the image in any way. You may NOT use any image for commercial purposes, nor can you alter, transform, or build upon this work.

For commercial use, please contact sharon(a)sharonmcgill.net for pricing.


Feedback, comments, & questions appreciated!

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