A blog is born


Question: is the bird puking the baby or eating it?


Sometime in 2009, I started thinking about creating a draw blog. A few things were in the way–a day job plus freelance work, and a novel, which I struggled to write in my cracks of between-time. After finally getting a solid draft of that book down, I’ve since reorganized my life to spend more time on what I love (drawing! writing!), so the time has come to finally unleash my sick and twisted visuals onto the interwebs.

My goal with this blog is to create at least one new image per week. I’ll likely include other scraps from whatever I’m working on and random musings about things I love: art, books, food, music, film, bicycling, and Boston Terriers.

For starters, I’ve decided to work on a series of drawings featuring fantastic animals. I’m currently finishing a collection of stories called Strange Beasts, so I figured I’d keep in the theme of things with this first drawing. I’ll also be re-imagining select monsters from my 1978 AD&D Monster Manual (and if you know what that is, I love you already).

Note that I’ll be looking to readers for comments and ideas on what to draw. So stay tuned for all the excitement and free Facebook portraits for winning suggestions! The first reader contest will be coming soon. For now, the word to remember is: chimera.

Thanks for stopping by! Even if my ramblings fail to amuse, I hope I can entertain the world with some demented drawings.


10 thoughts on “A blog is born

  1. I say puking the baby, because if it were eating it, the baby would be clawing the earth. The baby’s flattened fingers indicate it is reaching for stability in its new environment.

  2. Yes! This is what I thought too, but Micah says it’s eating the baby. I thought it might be one of those questions that separates the optimists from the pessimists but really, both situations are equally dreadful.

  3. Of course! Heheh. I think I intended that originally, then I got caught up in the eating/puking aspect. But yes! The baby is being born. I should have made the bird more stork-like, which would add a lovely, grotesque twist to the whole stork-baby-delivery myth.

  4. Considering black birds/crows/ravens are considered the symbol of magic, universal laws and the great void – I say the baby was eaten and is now bursting forth with all the knowledge it accumulated… sometimes we need to go into the dark in order to find the light… I think this pic is a perfect symbol for giving birth to a knew blog… on another subject completely I saw a pic quote of yours on a spiritual writers networks page… a typewriter with Flannery O’connor quote on it, Is it somewhere on your blog, I would like to use it and link it back to you.. if that’s ok with you?

  5. Hello Ida–thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Yes, you may absolutely use the O’Connor quote, and I’d appreciate the link back (it’s from my September 18, 2012 entry). It’s funny how that image is making its way around the internet; I recently saw it reposted on Facebook from someone I don’t even know. Kind of amazing how things drift like that! I’m hoping to actually resuscitate this blog soon, so maybe I need a newly reborn bird-baby myself, hah!

Feedback, comments, & questions appreciated!

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